Interesting sayings that have recently amused me…

“Face like a smacked arse” – angry/sullen/ugly, like a spanked child that gets all red in the face from screaming.

“Pissed as a fart” – very drunk. I’ve written about this one before.

“At least they won’t spoil another couple” – they’re both ugly, but at least they are together and so won’t be with a different, better-looking person. (via Phil’s grandmother!)

“Off with the fairies” – someone who’s not all there.

“A face like a bulldog chewing a wasp” – ugly. I originally thought Phil made this one up.


No work today for Kip – he has a very ouchy back, a combination of our long ride yesterday, and my GP saddle that he’s recently grown too wide for. :(

8 thoughts on “Interesting sayings that have recently amused me…”

  1. The last one, my husband says as “like a bulldog licking piss off of a nettle.”

    More fun:

    “I’m not as green as I’m cabbage looking” = I didn’t just fall off the turnip truck

    “Big girl’s blouse” or “big wet lettuce” = a wuss

  2. I love all the funny sayings you get here, they seem to vary from region to region too. I used to work for an Irish man and he used to say all sorts of weird things. One that sticks in my head is if we were running late he’d say “look at the time it’s gone 10am and not a child in the house is washed”

  3. Don’t you love these? Strange, my husband was never interested in American sayings while he lived there. Things like “I’m gonna beat you like a red-headed stepchild,” and “geez louise.” :)

  4. wandringsoul

    “Away with the fairies” m’dear…not off…lol…and if you can give a wee hint of an irish/scottish accent – especially on the ‘away’ it just lends it even more bumpkinness…

    ; )

    As for red-headed stepchild, I’ve heard that – both here and the US…but ‘geez Louise’ – does anyone really say that outside of 50’s drive-ins?

  5. wandringsoul

    You also say ‘stoopid’, and ‘tom-ay-to’ too, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to start!


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