It’s almost 3:30 am. I was tired when I went to sleep, and I’ll certainly be tired at 6:00 am when the alarm goes off, but I can’t sleep now. 2:30 am is my insomnia time…I wake and immediately my mind starts worrying about things. Silly, but relaxation exercises don’t help, nothing does but getting up for a bit.

Insomnia Lists:

I need to get my hair cut much shorter.

What are the possibilities of finding a part-time job, and supplementing that with freelance work?

What should I do about Lizzie? Should I try putting her in the pasture again?


The rats are banging on the cage downstairs. It never helps.

2 thoughts on “Insomnia”

  1. you need to get your hair cut much shorter?! shorter than what? I can’t picture you with less than shoulder-length hair, heh. However, even if you do cut it shorter than that, you have an immortal beauty about yourself that can never be destroyed by any hair stylist ;). I’m sure others will agree on that!

    …there’s *got* to be something that can be done about those cages!! sheesh, heheh, it’s frustrating not to be there and somehow help pad them or do something, heheh, :)… go to a stereo shop and get some of that spray foam they use to keep car trunks from vibrating due to too much bass and use that on the rat cage or something ;)…

  2. Thank you…although “immortal beauty” makes me think of vampires. :) My hair is half-way down my back, and I’m thinking about doing something completely shocking and different with it…on second thought, maybe I won’t. lol…can you imagine yourself with very short hair?

    We just need to let the rats out to race around every night; I try, but they’re so hard to wake up at a reasonable hour. :(

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