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“I’m going to be fifty this year. Soon I’m going to meet somebody around my age, and she’s going to be smart and beautiful, and I’m going to date her daughter.” – Bob Saget, quoted in Esquire

Seen in . lol…

There is someone in several of the equestrian LJ communities that I read who is in Germany right now, looking for an Olympic prospect to bring along; she’s posted some video of several of her choices, and OMIGOD are they gorgeous. There was a three-year-old that was amazing…and yet, I can’t help but think that these babies should be out in pasture, still being babies. I read in one of the horse magazines here recently that a horse in a natural state could reasonably expect a thirty-year lifespan, yet the average competition horse in Europe has an average lifespan of eight years. Not sure what they base that on, but I do know that highly stressful, unnatural lives are very damaging for horses.

Otherwise, not much is happening. There’s a online financial institution here that is hiring developers and interaction designers and so on, and I must have been called by every agency in the area about being submitted to them because my CV “exactly” meets the job spec, but can I get an interview? Can I hell. I’m getting a bit twitchy about it, and I want someone to tell me just what the hell is putting them off. I would guess probably the fact that I’m older than most of the other candidates out there…which really pisses me off.

Anyway. Lost is on tonight, which is good…but it’s part one of the season finale, which is bad. We burned through all of the Firefly episodes on DVD, and will have to rent Serenity when it’s out.

Ok, back to work. I’ve been using being sick as an excuse to not do the work that I need to do, so I need to get my lazy ass in gear and start working on some code.


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  1. that’s why I love her reasons against getting the 3 yr old — she wants to give him 6 months or more of pasture time, but wants a horse to ride now.

    haven’t seen the videos yet… work blocked them :P must try now!

  2. I have to ask why..?

    I’m getting a bit annoyed with the series to be honest – the big crashing thing in the forest that everyone was SO terrified of in episode 3 suddenly rears its head again…

    So – these people have been on the island for HOW long and haven’t explored?? There could be a 5 star golf resort 3 miles down the beach – but oh no, let’s sit here like idiots.

    Yes, it’s about the bet thing on TV at the moment – which is sad – but I really wish they’d take proper care of the plot and ditch the angst-ridden character flashbacks…

  3. Because we are soft sappy sods :) the bit when Sawyer told Jack about his dad got to me. I don’t think I would venture too far after seeing some of the freaky stuff they had, plus if there was civilisation nearby do you not think someone would have seen a plane crashing.

  4. It does bother me a bit that they’re still living on the beach. There could be a bustling tourist resort on the other side of the island, and they wouldn’t know.

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