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Slow day. I was interviewed this morning by someone from one of the local papers on “Women in IT,” which was interesting. I never though of myself as a role model before. Photographer and all, woo hoo! :P

I am going to take a bus out to the stable after work, so that I can strip Kipper’s stall down to bare floor and bed it in with clean straw. I forgot to bring casual clothing with me, so I will do it wearing my long black jacket, dress trousers and high black boots. Wonderful.

Other than those fascinating nuggets of information, I have absolutely nothing of interest to write about, and so will close before I start sounding silly again.

Ooops, too late.

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  1. wandringsoul

    I’ll spare you the mucking out in your best gear babe…as kinky as it would be to have you rolling in the hay in a long black coat, the reality of a pee-soaked, sodden-straw’ed stall isn’t quite as glamourous!

  2. Hi, I hope that Article goes well for you. I was that the local newspaper would do stuff like that around here. Just a quick side question, How long have you been a photographer, I’m in school for it now.

    But as for the horse stall, If your careful, and if it’s warmer out. tuck your pants into your boots and then kinda tuck you jacket up, then only your boots will be dirty… Just try not to fall. I have had that happen to me while cleaning stalls! That was TERRIBLE!


  3. I’ve done photography for ages – I started in the art (retouching) department of a large portrait studio in Los Angeles, and we had use of the studios and lights and darkrooms, so it was a wonderful place to learn on my own. What do you want to do?

    Good tip, and thanks! I probably WOULD fall. lol…or my horse would push me over. That would suit his sense of humour.

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