Quick update, as I want to go back through everyone’s entries and try to catch up. :)

This has been a busy week so far, with another user trial of the site, and then an e-learning conference today (lots of new ideas and confirmation that we are very much on the right track).

It’s been terribly hot here, very humid, with the occasional thunderstorm. Very uncomfortable weather. The animals are miserable.

I’ve been too exhausted to ride much, although I go out and give Lizzie lots of love. Eventually, I suppose I’ll have to make a decision about keeping her, since full care in this part of England is ruinously expensive. I’ll wait until we go live, though, since things have to ease up a bit. My physical and mental health has gone to shit and I don’t want to continue on like this.

I’m almost level 60 in Warcraft, and I’m attuned for Molten Core. :)

Other than that? Just trying to stay sane as the days fall one into the other.

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