Induction Week

This is my anniversary of starting work here…how strange. Nathan and I can’t believe, not that it’s been a year already, but that we have STAYED here a whole year. :) Staff and students went to a BBQ at the reservoir; I took a lot of video for the site and the multimedia promotional CD that I’ll be working on later.

Nathan and Monica Ride a Horsie
Let's Take This Playground OVER
Suggestive Ice Cream

This was an interesting article. Tongue-in-cheek, yes, but it does tie in with things that I’ve been mulling over. When you think about it, there are a lot of parallels that you can make between technopaganism or technomagik and computing or programming. A firewall, for example, would equate to a protective circle. :)

The best explanation of computers that I ever heard was from a co-worker who said “everyone thinks that computers are all logic and binary code. But they’re really this mysterious space where mystical things happen.”

That explains a lot.

3 thoughts on “Induction Week”

  1. How sad is it I saw thumbnails and expected to be able to click on them for bigger pics…

    Am I a digital geek or what?

  2. These were just for fun – not worth wasting more space! But I know what you mean. That’s always a factor in usability/design/architecture (whatever you want to call it): giving people what they’re used to, and what keeps them within the comfort zone. I would expect thumbnails to link to larger images, as well.

  3. Okay.. I admit I really just wanted to see a bigger version of you in the leather jacket.. but I’m a weirdo like that ;)

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