In Which Lizzie Tries to Commit Suicide…Again

Last night I worked Kip while Lizzie was turned out in the small paddock, and then brought her in. Now that she has the new shoes and is seeming much more sound, I am looking forward to bringing her back into work. And then she decided to kill herself.

There is one area where I can tie her safely (or so I thought). In every other area the ties are very low, which I think is unsafe, and she can get her head under the rope easily. This area does have a metal hook on it, and I always tie her short enough that she can’t catch anything on the hook…until last night. I either tied her a bit too long, or she pulled enough slack in the rope to reach it, but as I was kneeling to take her bell boots off, I felt her throw her head up and looked up to see the wooden post separating from the wall – she must have caught her halter on the hook. I tried to grab it, or her, or something, and get her free, but of course she took off immediately, dragging a five-foot wooden post with assorted metal bits attached to it. She made a circuit of the yard, the post whapping her legs at every step, and at one point wheeled around behind the muck heap area to head directly for the runoff pit which is covered by loose cement panels – she would have gone through. I yelled at her to drive her off, and she managed to get enough brain cells to spark within that empty thoroughbred head to make a sideways jump around it. I finally caught her when she tried to dive through her stall door, coming to an abrupt halt.

Total injuries added to her list:

1. Cuts on both front fetlocks, not deep enough to require stitching
2. One front leg that she wouldn’t touch to the ground.

I debated calling the vet out, but instead hosed it, disinfected the cuts, and wrapped both front legs heavily for support. She’s such a baby, and will be on three legs for the slightest knock or bruise. Thankfully, this morning she was a bit ouchy, but walked out on all four legs. I couldn’t sleep last night worrying about her.

Maybe I could send her off to see the Wizard, so she can ask for a brain. And also legs that aren’t made of glass.

4 thoughts on “In Which Lizzie Tries to Commit Suicide…Again”

  1. is it me, or does it seem like UK horses just get a ton more injuries than USA horses??

    I always feel sorry for the troubles you have with your horsekin. My parents have 6 horses now, on 5 acres. 1yr, 23yr, 21yr, and 31yr, hmm and another housemate’s horse and recently they got a mini-horse!! hehe. they’re so cute! ;)

    anyhow, they’ve had no problems yet. So from my limited experience with them it’s hard to tell if you have bum luck or what. I wish you the best with them! If you need any help, feel free to ask.

    I’ve bonded with horses more since my dad got attached to them, hehe. They are pretty darn adoreable :)

  2. I’ve just had a LOT of bad luck lately. Some of your parents’ horses are pretty old – we have three guys like that at the farm here. They’re really adorable, especially the 29-year-old who is like a scheming little old man. He’s such a character.

  3. oh goodness! sounds unsafe indeed! not to mention a dozen heart attacks in the process…. QUITE glad to hear she’s doing better this morning. Smacks to the legs like that can sting a lot but generally don’t give too much injury. so close :S

  4. We were lucky. This is a horse that you can’t leave unattended even for a minute…I was there WITH her, but I wasn’t watching her head, and this happens. :(

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