In the Dark

How can things, in the space of one day, fall apart so fast? I suppose the answer is, they don’t. You ignore the signs, and pretend that it isn’t happening, like a small child trying to ignore the monsters under the bed. Ignoring them won’t make them go away.

And sometimes, no matter what you do, how supportive you are, what lengths you go to to make someone feel special and loved and cherished, they one day decide to destroy you anyway.

Good luck. I am going to sit here tonight, alone, and drink your special celebration wine. I wish you well…or will, some day. When everything is not so dark.

And I’ll try to not cry “But what about me?” like a little child. One of us has to be an adult…and I’m the only one left.

5 thoughts on “In the Dark”

  1. Hi Monica,
    Am thinking about you and hope that whatever is wrong will turn out right again.
    Bright Blessings,

  2. Hey there…

    Sorry to hear this :( if you need anything then you know where we all are. Really do hope things get better Monica and well I never know what to say in situations like this but I can offer any help either of you need *shrugs*.

    Take Care eh !

    — Yode

  3. Thank you all. I am embarrassed to being whining like a spoilt child here, but I do feel terrible. Worse that I want to write down here, or show at work. Bad enough to feel as though I could start crying and never stop.

    But, thanks…

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