Who decided that the new version of the site would use .NET, rather than J2EE?  Me.  It was my fault.  JSP, classic ASP, PHP, you name it, I’m fine with it…but I know nothing about .NET.

I was telling Miz that we’re at the point where the project seems totally, absolutely impossible.  It’s an insurmountable task.  As I start to put everything working, and the architecture makes sense, all that will change, but right now it’s really doing my head in.

Hence, tired, worn out, and not in the best of moods.  I came very close to being rude to someone last night during a Kara run, and I am never, ever rude – I avoid conflict like mad, and I’ll never pick fights with people.  This person’s an idiot, true, but I was petty and I feel bad about it.  Especially since everyone is really nice, for the most part, and there are some superb players in this guild – I shouldn’t have been snappy because of one person who isn’t.

Still fighting with that awful Aran fight.  I died so many times last night, as he seemed to be concentrating on me.  I can avoid the blasts and blizzards and stand still during flame wreath, and I’m getting better at avoiding them while running around trying to do a CoT and fear on each one in turn while trying to keep one banished…but all I could see was a huge boss mod warning across my screen telling me that I had aggro from Aran.  No shit I did, he was nuking me down each time without fail, even when I wasn’t dpsing him.  I don’t know what I’m doing to trigger it, unless it’s just the act of fearing elementals that does it.  Getting too close to him, maybe?

That’s all.  Needed to vent a bit, and then step back for a while and not think about playing.

A final word, though?  If you were properly roleplaying your character, and she was in a real battle, she would run to meet her comrades and not miss the start of every fight because she was strolling to meet them.  And if we were all roleplaying properly, and you went afk for 15 minutes for dinner and then ran in while we were buffing and bodypulled Maiden, we would have all kicked your ass rather than telling you that it was ok.

It’s the little things that irritate me.  :)

4 thoughts on “Impossible”

  1. Aran does not have a threat list, he targets random people. Weird thing about him is actually that even when he doesn’t have arcane school locked (since you only disrupt his fire and frost spells), therefore should use arcane missles, he sometimes decides to chase a player and melee him/her. It’s a pain in the ass making you unable to cast anything but instant. But well, he’s one of the hardest bosses in Karazhan and you’ll have to just get used to it. ;)

    And as for people, some of them need a kick in the ass to perform and behave. ;)

  2. Yes, Aran’s untankable, and untauntable – you can’t actually ‘get aggro’ on him – he targets people completely randomly – the threat you generate makes no difference to his target.

    As for roleplay – sorry – it’s not roleplay to keep a raid waiting by walking – that’s disrespect, and someone should allude to the differences between the two, the same for not owning up to a bodypull.

  3. So you’re saying that I am feeling personally picked on by a bunch of pixels? lol…i guess I am. :D

    “Mommeeee, Aran’s picking on me again!”

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