im in ur moonglade, lollin up yr rp

…well, not really.  :D  In fact, as per my last stay in Moonglade, I’ve seen no rp at all.  To be honest, though, I haven’t gone to hang out by the Cathedral in Stormwind, or buying strangers drinks in pubs or whatever you’re supposed to do.

Interviewing with the guild hasn’t gone especially well, for exactly the same reason as last time.  I had a nice chat with the hunter leader, and since then I’ve been waiting for the chap who handles their rp interviews to condescend to talk to me.  Last time I chased him for about a month, then gave up.  I don’t know what the hell is up with him – if I interviewed and failed, that would be one thing, but he hasn’t even talked to me.  I’m uncertain about joining this guild now, as (even though the hunter was quite nice and friendly) I am getting this perception that the guild is unfriendly and rude, just based upon one person.

Aside from that, I’ve gotten guild invites from everyone that I’ve grouped with so far…I suppose I should just take one.  The guild that I ran Mechanar with last night was very nice, and they wouldn’t be a bad choice.  Not an rp guild, definitely, but nice people.  It’s very tempting.

I’ll give the Invisible Gnome one more chance to snub me tonight, then I think I’ll take them up on their offer.  Being guildless and friendless on a new server is no fun at all.

4 thoughts on “im in ur moonglade, lollin up yr rp”

  1. I play on an RP server, and oddly enough, the only heavy RP guild I’ve been in was a horde guild.

    I’m told they exist on the alliance side, but I haven’t really seen one.

    I mostly play on the RP servers because the crowd tends to be a bit older. Most of the l337 13 year olds won’t even consider being on an RP server, which is fine by me. I’d rather group with the 35 year old accountant who only gets to play a few hours a week.

  2. My time as Lord of the far West has taught me never to serve the dark one lest I be tainted with something new. Zealot I may be, but different coloured bubbles are the future.

  3. I do find that people are nicer, overall, on the RP servers. It’s a bit harder to find groups, since a lot of people have alts there who are just there for rp, not raiding or instances. There are some l33t speakers, but generally they’re shouted down in general if they’re too annoying, which is nice.

    I think the only rp I actually experienced was when I was fishing on a lowlevel character, and someone named Blackguy was emoting sneaking up through the bushes behind me. He’d made a big, baldheaded character as dark as WoW will allow you (which is a shade best described as “tanned”), and I didn’t respond to him initially because I was thrown by the race play and didn’t know how to respond. A bit appalled that someone would create a big bald black guy just to roleplay sneaking up to attack women, and not sure that I wanted to respond. He gave up when I didn’t react, left, and I emoted something like “/me is relieved that she didn’t have to fry Blackguy to a crisp”. Strange experience…interesting, in a way.

  4. Hey, hope you don’t mind a random posting a message on here. I know what you mean though. I left a pvp server to try a RP server (moonglade) and its very different indeed. in general people seem a lot more friendly and relaxed. I moved some of my charactor’s across and started a new one and its all going well.

    I haven’t yet joined a guild but I am still looking for a decent one so I’m not in a rush to join one. Hope you find a good one to hahaha.

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