I’m BACK!!!

And you never knew I was gone…how sad is that? ;)

This has been a weekend of continuing sagas. I offered to do a favour for a friend at the stable, namely to take some pics of her horse, which she is going to advertise for sale. The digital camera turned out to be crap at action shots, but luckily I had the video camera along and hoped that I could pull some stills off that. Went to PC World, bought a firewire card. Installed it, and killed my very elderly Gateway computer quite dead. I’ve been struggling with the old computer for a long time, so I got a wild hair and decided to throw caution to the wind and buy another. Had we planned this, my preference would have been to build one from component parts, but due to the recent financial disasters, we didn’t have the requisite cash. Yaay, 12-months-same-as-cash financing. Back to PC World, feeling very sad to be buying a system there. Bought the newest and shiniest machine there, and came home. Realised that I needed a four-pin to six-pin cable for the camcorder. Went back to PC World, with Phil making various out-of-sorts tsking and sighing noises. Came back. The computer wouldn’t recognise the camcorder. Got drunk. Very drunk.

This morning, absolutely retching ill with hangover, we went to Nottingham to visit with some of Phil’s online buddies. Bowling. Yes, BOWLING. Actually, I had a lot of fun. I sucked at it, of course, but I still had fun. And then we went to the greatest pub: one of the Eerie Pub Company’s pubs, The Pit and the Pendulum. I loved it. Very over-the-top, but a lot of fun. I kept looking around and saying “You know, we should decorate some rooms like this.”

As much as I love our small town, I do miss living in a place where I can go out, where there are interesting places to go. Actually, Nottingham isn’t that far…if you didn’t have to go through Derby. We get lost every single time.

Anyway, off to re-install mail and other programs. Traaa, as they say in my office (my new pet peeve phrase). :)

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