I’m a Big Fat Chicken

My pally finally hit 80 last night, having languished in the forgotten-alt no man’s land for ages. The first thing I did was to purchase dual talent specialisation.

Now, I’d intended on dual-speccing her for protection and holy. I had no desire to play her as melee dps, and I figured that I’d always get groups if I could go as either a tank or a healer. But then…but then…I chickened out. As a so called friend kindly pointed out, I have the *worst* memory ever, and undeniably the *WORST* sense of direction in history. You know those wipe nights when you die over and over again on the same encounter? Each time after ressing, I have this momentary confusion about which way to go in order to rejoin the group. Every. Single. Time. It would be pathetic if it weren’t funny.

So. All in all, probably not the most desirable quality in a tank. Plus, all runs nowadays in Warcraft seem to be speed runs, and I just don’t want to try speed run as well as figuring out who, where, and what to pull, as well as marking.

So, I guess I’ll learn to be a healer. :D After playing a pally to level 80, and a priest to level 70-something, I have never, ever tried to heal. Not even once. So, if you’re in a group and you have Kestraal as your healer, take my advice and run.

You’ve been warned. :D

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  1. Long time, no speak. About, eeeeehh, a whole decade?

    Apologies for hijacking a post for an unrelated topic but, unless selective blindness is going on here, I don’t see an alternate contact link.

    Anyway. I’m wondering if I might be able to commission you for a small digital art project. Small. Really small. Tiny. Scarcely a nanoparticle, really.


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