I went out shopping for Christmas presents at lunch, and GODS is it cold. I could feel the cold wind searing the surface of my eyeballs, and my hands were icy inside my gloves.

Stopdesign had an interesting entry, Who/Where are the Women? “Spawned by recent conversations with friends, I’ve been thinking about people who are known for designing and working with web standards. Specifically those who have a strong interest in CSS or are already using style sheets to compliment or construct beautiful design. In these conversations, we’ve noted that this space seems heavily dominated by men. This concerns me.”

Yes, it’s always concerned me, as well. I’m talking about women working in, and writing about, web development overall, not just involved specifically with designing standards-compliant CSS sites. Every time you see a list of the top people in the field, the vast majority of them will be men, and it does feel very much like a boy’s club. And, I hate to admit it, but the list of tech/design blogs that I read every morning contains mainly male names. Meg Hourihan’s blog is on there, misbehaving.net, and Domesticat. Flash Goddess is good.

Which brings us back to the original article…if there are women out there doing work that you respect, share their names where you can.

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