Just had to use the new icon that I made, from a BBC story about an amazing looking animal. Love it.

Work actually wasn’t that stressful this week. There was a lot of work accomplished, and some amusing warfare with a despised colleague that brightened my day.

He’s…chunky. He’s a VERY big boy. When someone (me, most recently) pisses him off, he eats. Loudly and dramatically. I can read him perfectly: it is obvious that this is a tactic that he uses against family and his partner. “I’m EATing! Hear me crunch my way through these chips very loudly! You’re making me hurt my health by stressing me – see, I’m eating!”

Whereas I, being the evil bitch that I am, sit over there snickering into my monitor thinking “Eat away, fat boy. Here, I’ll buy you a slice of fudge cake. Knock yourself out. No, seriously.”


Life is good sometimes. :)

2 thoughts on “Iconage”

  1. The Aye-Aye! It is so cute. I saw it on someone elses LJ today. It looks so forlorn and alone you just want to snuggle it. (well I do)

    I’m with you on the letting crisp man munch himself to death, I’d be having very much the same thoughts.

  2. Phil said that it looked like a character from The Dark Crystal. It’s adorable, in that cute/ugly way.

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