Everything was very cold and icy this morning. I allowed extra time to navigate all the narrow lanes around the farm that aren’t gritted, and they were fine…but the main road into Stoke, which was almost completely clear, was bumper to bumper. No accidents, just a lot of people crawling along, and I only got out of first gear a time or two the whole trip.

We let the ferrets out to play in the snowy back garden last night, and they all had a blast doing the Weasel Dance in the snow. lol…I love the way they look in winter, all fat and fluffy.

I saw a man last night walking his Jack Russell terrier, scooping big armfuls of snow off the tops of walls. The little dog was jumping into the air, growling and snapping as he attacked the falling snow. Just adorable. I would never own one, because they’re such a high maintenance dog, but I love their attitudes.

Still no word on the job front, aside from an intranet/extranet developer one in Birmingham that I didn’t want. Getting very nervous…

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