I went to Jita, and all I got was this silly shirt…

I was bored this afternoon, so I went sightseeing in Jita, because I’d never been there.  All 20 jumps.  :)  I couldn’t handle flying all the way back, so my ship is still there. Had I tried, they would have found my dark, cold ship floating endlessly in space, her pilot having slit her throat.

I’ve been trying to reinstall Runes of Magic for use as a casual game, as the last patch totally ruined the game – there are no textures anymore. On the forums there were several people with the same problem, and no answers aside from “perhaps your computer isn’t high enough spec to run the game”. Since I have a high-spec gaming machine that I’ve recently upgraded, I don’t think that’s the problem. I’d forgotten what a nightmare it was to originally download, and unfortunately I no longer have the install files. Meh. Meh and fie.

Wait a moment…I suppose it’s a bad thing when my hard drive is making a sound like a cricket trying to whistle. It’s quite loud. I think I will go and back up a few files now.


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