I Want Pandora

Most people who are hardcore MMO players have wondered at some point or another what it would be like to disappear into a virtual world…and if the tradeoffs would be worth it. For most games, I would say no. (You’d never get the blood out from under your fingernails, for one thing!) There are books, though, that I would happily disappear into without a backward glance. And now, I’ve added a movie: Avatar.

I admit that I was late to the party – we just watched it on BluRay last night for the first time. And (story weaknesses aside) I have to say that it is hands-down the most gorgeous movie I have ever seen. The bioluminescent scenes were stunning, the CGI was more fluid and natural than most real actors. So very, very beautiful.

Would I disappear into Pandora if I could? In a heartbeat. Even if I knew that my body was withering away in a lifesupport pod somewhere. Hell, yeah.

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