I really wish I had a different drive in to work

Depending on the time of day, my commute can take 25 minutes (mid-day) or an hour and a half.  Barring the odd set of roadworks or tractor, most of it is fine…and then I have to do that last, short, excrutiating stretch at a crawl.  Peeling sixties-era light industry and factories, barren lots, scabby terraces, second-hand car lots, the odd prostitute coming offshift, shivering in a cropped jacket.  Attire varies between headscarves and the woolly cap-tracksuit-trainers look.  There’s the occasional guy in a cheap suit, obviously walking to work because he works retail, probably PC World.  It’s very depressing.

Local radio stations are occasionally interesting, though, as per the news this morning which included “a six-week old puppy was found abandoned on a doorstep in xxx town.  Animal welfare officials state that this would have been a very distressing experience for a puppy.”  lol…it beats hearing about murders any day.  :)

Work is fine – along with some massive changes that we’re making on the site now, we spent a portion of the day installing and playing games.  You know, for research purposes.  Life is good.

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  1. lol…actually, you’d probably find what we’re working on to be very interesting. I can’t talk about most of it right now, but basically it has to do with translating MMO game concepts to a social networking site, and how to (as much as possible) seamlessly integrate the 3D virtual world into the flat traditional site, so a lot of things can be done in one or the other, and the transition between the two isn’t jarring.

  2. candlelight1228

    That’s VERY cool! I was wondering when someone was going to try that.

    Have you guys checked out EVE Online yet? That’s (I think) the BEST representative of an MMO and the “real world”. They have won many awards for thier graphics and are the first MMO to start using high powered IBM servers in order to deliever the game like it is. The complexity of the game is beautifully rendered in the information design and architecture as well. It’s an incredible experience.

    If you do check it out let me know when you are on and I will come hang out with you and show you around.

  3. I’ve played Eve, and quite enjoy it, though admit to being a bit lost a lot of the time – I started a character over 12 months ago on the trial 2 week basis, then re-enabled it while I was off over Christmas, but found it hard to plead ignorance as everyone said ‘your account’s a year old, how can you be a newb?’

    M’s not much for it, the lack of an avatar to get out and interact with things leaves her a bit cold…

  4. candlelight1228

    You could join our corp and they will train you. With my word, they’ll probably let you join. Knowing someone would help.

    heh – I could understand that but having played tried WoW, I found Eve (after the tutorial) easier to figure out. In WoW, I just felt lost.

  5. candlelight1228

    Been meaning to ask you something… Some friends of mine and I are thinking of moving over to London. They will be on BUNAC and I will be on my passport.

    So what I am wondering is if you had any contacts or know anything about job &/or house hunting in London? (We aren’t coming over till January.)


  6. wandringsoul

    Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind – I find Eve quite relaxing, (except for straying into .4 space and having my ship (and pod) blown to pieces… and being back at square one…

  7. wandringsoul

    House hunting in London… umm, I’d advise against it! Any reason why London? There’s a lot of outlying areas a tube ride away that would be so much cheaper…

    Up North’s way prettier anyway!

  8. candlelight1228

    You are welcome. *laugh* Yes, my ship got blown to pieces the last time I was in low sec space. It happened so fast too! I couldn’t even react to it. The great thing about my corp is they got me squared away again and up and running in no time so I would recommend it.

  9. candlelight1228

    Heh – You sound like my friend in Newcastle.

    Personally, I was thinking of trying to stay local to all the stuff going on. All the clubs, theatre, activities, friends, etc that I became accostumed to when I was there last (2001) are all in London. I know London’s expensive and kind of a pain cost of living wise. I went through quite a rough experience trying to live on a Starbucks wage last time. I was trying to avoid that this time and be adequently prepared (even overly prepared). Also, I live in NYC now, I am use to high prices and the convience of the cities. I am not sure how easy or hard it is to get around without a car in England outside of London. I have family in the midlands (Coventry) but they all drive. I am sure the north is prettier. I remember Whitby for the Whitby Gothic Weekend being GORGEOUS and felt so much like home. (I’m originally from California near SF.) However, what about jobs and things to do and being able to get around? Feel free to educate me.

  10. wandringsoul

    It’s a common misconception that London is the only place where things happen… England’s a big place and some of the most gorgeous places, and history are well removed from London. I treat London as ‘nice place to visit, but wouldn’t want to live there’. In a country like this with so much ‘lush’, I’d hate to spend my days seeing nothing but grey stone and concrete – however cosmopolitan it was. It’s purely subjective of course, and when we moved over here, we toyed with a few places to aim for, south coast, etc…

    Jobs – depends what you want – sure Londons full of jobs, but you’ll find much the same jobs outside London albeit paying less, but then it costs you less to do everything.

    As for driving – depends where you end up. In our area local transports a bit crap – but if you look at other large cities, there’s trams maglevs etc…

    In a car we could be in London in under 2.5 hours, and in Glasgow in about 3… and I kind of like that positioning, whilst the green hills and lush countryside provide a great backdrop for my commute into the sprawl I work in.

  11. candlelight1228

    Oh I am sure there is stuff outside of London. It’s just that I grew up in the cosmopolitian of the SF Bay and now live in it in NY. I like that sort of diversity and variety especially since I am still single. If I were coupled/married, I am sure I would feel differently. I don’t know I guess I am kind of stuck on wanting to be in large cities right now.

    We are all IT based (web designers, GUI designers, business analysts, etc). Pay is another consideration. I have been an IT consultant for years now in the US and I get paid good money. I am use to it. I know that relative to the cost of living I will get paid less than what I am use to. I just don’t know how much to ask for (nor would my friends). Do you have any idea/recommendations for where I can find out?

    Which cities other than London have good transport? I wouldn’t mind living in Scotland I think but the decision isn’t mine to be made. I would have to talk with my friends.

  12. Personally, I would probably look for the job first, and decide where to live based upon that. Phil’s right – although I love London and wouldn’t mind living there, it’s extremely expensive and (based on the job sites) salaries don’t seem to balance the cost of living. But it would be exciting. :) There is great nightlife everywhere, and I think at least some of the creative energy is definitely moving north.

    If we get our financing, I’d love to talk to you when you’re ready to come over. :)

  13. candlelight1228

    Yeah… I guess I just feel like I have something to prove by returning to London and “beating” it considering the experiences of last time… Plus there is more than just me moving over so I have to consider the needs, desires, and wants of the other girls going. More than likely it will be London because that may be the only place we may all agree on! ;) But you both have a point so I don’t know. Any cities you would recommend? We won’t have a car so anything with ease of transport.

    Yes! Definitely!! Looking forward to it.

  14. wandringsoul

    Interestingly places like Cardiff, Manchester and even Birmingham (though I wouldn’t live there) all have good transport in the city itself. Manchester is underrated I feel – good commuter belt, up and coming city, and a fair amount of IT up around the area…

    Glasgow and Edinburgh – decent cities – Edinburgh the ‘posher’ one of the two – Glasgow has a decent feeling ‘heart’ but I wouldn’t live there – too cramped, and too high a crime rate (and freaking freezing both of them)

  15. candlelight1228

    Cardiff might be nice. Manchester and Birmingham would be interesting considering my family is all from that area….

    Scotland – Yes, it would be quite cold which is the only deterrant for me. Otherwise, I think I might like Scotland.

    Thanks for the advice.

  16. wandringsoul

    The last time I was in Scotland for New Year, the cars parked in the garage had the fuel freeze in them.

  17. Without transportation, I would say London would be your best bet. I love London – I’ve lived most of my adult life in New York, Los Angeles, San Fran, etc., so I love cities. It will be an amazing experience.

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