I Need A Unicorn Chaser

To stave off depression on what is shaping up to be a Very Bad No Good Day, I am in serious need of a unicorn chaser. Or my version thereof: a baby ferret pic. Because who could feel bad when they’re cuddling cute, fluffy baby animals?  :)

In Warcraft, last night was our first attempt at Brutallus – it was a lot of fun. I don’t think we have anywhere near enough highly-geared people to have the dps to successfully take him down, but it doesn’t seem like a technically difficult fight, just a severe gear check.

On a political note, an interesting post via BoingBoing: Scariest thing about Palin isn’t how unqualified… it’s what candidacy says about America. I generally don’t make political posts, as that’s not what this blog is about. But I do write about personal things, and while I (as a woman) would be very excited to see a woman Vice-President…I very much don’t think it should be Sarah Palin. You’re talking about the Presidency, actually – given McCain’s fragile grasp on the perch. Anyway, this is the full article, and it is definitely worth reading. And here is a quote, which was used in the BoingBoing post:

…the great insight of the Palin VP choice is that huge chunks of American voters no longer even demand that their candidates actually have policy positions; they simply consume them as media entertainment, rooting for or against them according to the reflexive prejudices of their demographic, as they would for reality-show contestants or sitcom characters.

But enough about politics and other depressing subjects.

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