I love lazy Sundays…

Our lazy little idyll is ending, as Phil is going back to work tomorrow. Poo. It was very nice while it lasted; I love how much holiday time you get here. In the States is is common to not get any vacation time in your first year, and then you might get three days in your second. It seems to be standard here to get four weeks and four days (which does include Bank holidays). So much more civilised.

I’ve started working Lizzie a bit harder now that she seems to be recovering well, making her collect and engage more and using longer periods of canter to build fitness and her wind back up. Today we worked on transitions, then went for a short walk out on the roads and through the parking lots at the high school. She was ok, although she wanted to prance and jog the whole way. We’ll go a bit farther every day, and she how she does.

We have two old computers at the house, one of which I was going to wipe and install Linux, Apache and MySQL on to use as a testing server, and the other old Windows machine on which I was going to keep the old warez that I still want to use: Poser, Bryce, and so on. The problem is, the old monitor seems to have died, so I’m going to have to source another monitor from somewhere.

And finally, as a nod to the days getting longer, I had to use my new Summer icon…I can’t wait for spring. :)

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