i lol’d

Speaking of seasonal achievements, I just got this mail from Miz:

well, what a pain in the… finding a dorf! Helga finally said in
gchat there was one in Dalaran, so I HS’d Kit and asked her where, we
formed a party and chased the dorf, who was obviously looking for a
horde char, running all over Dal. We both tried the flowers and it
failed for both of us, so we ran around (with about 5 other people)
behind the dorf waiting for the CD. Just as we got to 10 secs left,
the bitch logged out!!! Helga went to SW looking, and I stayed in dal,
finally saw one log in in the bank… I did it and got your achievment,
Helga HS’d back to Dal, did hers and it failed again, so we waited
the 5 min CD, praying the dorf dind’t move – she went afk, and Helga
finally managed to get it done! what a performance!

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