i haz teh dumb, part 2

I hate the Teron Gorefiend encounter. By hate, I mean I truly, deeply hate it, specifically the killing constructs part. This is a fiendishly designed enounter, in that it takes a certain amount of experimentation and practice…and each time you don’t handle your constructs perfectly, you contribute to wiping the raid.

In theory, it’s easy. You run into one of the corners, just prior to turning into a ghost, and you prepare to shackle and icelance all four constructs. There’s also an AOE volley thing, but it is advised to ignore that at first. Sounds easy enough…until you realise that (depending on your addons and a number of other factors), you may need to 1) just hit the 3 and 4 keys, 2) need to control-click the 3 and 4 keys, 3) need to mouseclick the actual buttons on the bar, and so on. Depending on your addons, the bar will appear in different places, and require you to interact with it in different ways.

The trouble is, if you miss your first shackle, the constructs are off and running like racehorses towards the raid, and it’s too late. It’s an infuriating encounter. I’d prepared macros for my first attempt, and got to use them once. Weeks pass, and I finally have to try again…and the macros for some reason no longer work. Back to the drawing board. Multiply that by the number of people in the raid that are experimenting with how to make it work, and you have a depressing number of wipe opportunities. Multiply that number by the smug asshats who it worked perfectly for on their first try, and the irritation factor increases exponentially.

I hate him. I hate him so much. Miz made me a tonk, which should use the same action bars, and I’ll practice with that. I am SO not going to have another repeat of my last BT run.

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