I have an expensive ship habit…

On the way back from Jita, I got my ship blown up (again) by someone with a swarm of drones. Meh. I’m always very careful to warp to within zero metres of the gate, ready to jump immediately, etc., but sometimes it just doesn’t help.

And that was the extent of my exciting game adventures.  :D

Work is going well, I haven’t done any artwork (boo sucks), and I’ve been lackadasically playing some Warcraft. I don’t plan on raiding at all until Ulduar, and when that comes I’ll probably play tourist for a bit, but not go back to an actual raid schedule.

So, once more this is a “not dead” post.  :)  I need to get back into a proper rythmn.

2 thoughts on “I have an expensive ship habit…”

  1. I can bring frigate or cruiser hulls and modules into Evati for you by request. Just let me know what you want–or buy it and courier contract it to my “business associate”. She runs to Jita fairly frequently. Also, we can order ships locally from a guy in Bastards who builds them. :)

    Good to hear that life is busy in a good way! Looking forward to actually spending time in EVE with you, but my RL has been busy too. Besides that, I’ve cut back on playtime so that I can spend time doing other things I love like art!

  2. Thanks, Mynxee – I’m ok for now, but that is appreciated. I think I’m just a bit lost right now, since I can’t afford to replace my good ship and so am afraid to fly it. All the small ships just get wiped out immediately in a fight, so I’m frustrated. :)

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