i hav teh dumb

My WOW guild is still struggling in Sunwell Plateau, with a lot of silly mistakes not suited to a guild at this level. Bah.  Fie on idiots.

In EVE, I’ve been mainly doing a lot of training, in preparation for being able to do missions without pulling in friends to help. Yep, I’m paying a subscription, not currently spending much time playing, so I can amass the skills to successfully play the game.  :/

That said, I’ve reached the point where I can pilot a battlecruiser, and being Amarr I am probably going to buy a Harbinger. Figuring out how to fit it is totally doing my head in. Googling for “harbinger fitting” will lead to many forum threads where people with totally different ideas of what to fit to a Harbinger are calling each other noobs and declaring that said thread is full of epic fail.

What is full of epic fail is my inability to translate any of the tech talk…I am so lost.

“According to Toaster Oven, the damage difference between A T2 fitted Harbinger fitting Heavy Pulses and a T2 fitted Hurricane fitting 220’s is about 4% DPS in favor of the Harbinger. But in that situation the Hurricane has 637 more powergrid to play around with than the Harbinger and doesnt used cap. That is an entire 1600mm plate with garnishings[completly negating the armor strength boost]! And the Hurricane has 25 more CPU base with guns that are even easier to fit in that department too.”

Aggghhhhh…my head hurts.

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  1. The Harbinger is a lot of fun. I’ve only been flying one for a few weeks now, and I have a fitting that works out well for the level 2 missions that are available to me. Stick at least seven Heavy Anode Beam Lasers on there. Place at least three heat sinks, and an armor repairer on the low power slots and fit the rest to manage your energy grid and power usage so you can keep that running.

    Then keep your targets at a range of about 25-45km depending on ammo type and you’ll do more damage than you’ll actually take.

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