Kit finally levelled leatherworking those last five infuriating points to 375, and went back to Azshara to do her training.

I forgot how much I love Azshara.  I think it’s my favourite area in game, even though it’s a largely unused area.  I love the perpetual autumn, the gorgeous colours, the leaves falling – it’s a peaceful, beautiful area.

My other favourite would be Winterspring.  It always feels very clean and blue and cold – perfectly crafted.  Although the area around Ironforge is permanently snowbound, it doesn’t feel as clean and wintry as Winterspring does.

That’s one thing that Blizz did extremely well in Warcraft – even though the graphic style is very simplistic and stylized, they convey a sense of place very well.  I’ve seen stunning areas in game. Barrens in the early morning, the sun just lighting the plains and the antelope families running together.  Fishing in the morning in StranglethornVale, watching the light from the rising sun reflecting off the sea as everything gradually lightened to day. Lovely, and very peaceful.

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  1. I demand a chance to clear things up, read my PMs on the forum and talk to me in-game. I will spam all of your blogs, until you do this. ;p

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