I Forgot

Forgot about something which was the perfect illustration of the goddamn weekend. Phil and I were fighting like rabid dogs over the decorating, and so he leaves to go and buy more supplies at the DIY store. I am painting while he is gone. I go to move the stupid ladder, which has the half-full paint can on the little platform, and…you guessed it. The paint can falls off, hits me in the centre of the chest, spilling paint all over my clothing, my hair, the sheets we have on the carpet, and also the portion of carpet that was uncovered.

Shit. So here I am, stark naked because I’ve stripped my paint-dripping clothing off, running back and forth from the kitchen with buckets of soapy water and a sponge, trying to get the ivory paint out of the dark green carpet. I throw all clothes, the sheets, and the bucket outside (still butt-naked), and manage to get most of it up. Total panic.

As soon as it happened, I could hear Phil’s comments in my head, clear as a bell. It was definitely a Lucy moment…if you can imagine Lucy stark naked, paint everywhere, and Ricky getting ready to blow his top! lol…it’s funny now, but it wasn’t at the time.

And that was my weekend.

2 thoughts on “I Forgot”

  1. wandringsoul

    I wouldn’t have laughed – I promise, but the mental picture of you in full-on carpet mopping mode, nekkid, is quite funny after the fact…

    It’s one of the moments you pray that there’s not a camera for miles…

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