I don’t know who ordered snow…

…but it sure wasn’t me. :( It’s been a winter wonderland every morning this week, and the drive into work hasn’t been fun.

No time to update (again!), just a quick “still alive” message. Lizzie is doing very well, and has settled into the new barn in record time. And why shouldn’t she? She was known as “the princess and the pea” in the last barn, and she’s finally being kept in to the standard that she believes she should be accustomed. ;)

Work is great, although I haven’t coded ASP in ages, so I’ve been struggling a bit with the templates for the different sites and the account areas, etc. My brain hurts.

Phil played his Warlock character with me last night, so I could complete some quests that I had trouble with, getting killed over and over again. I’m really crap at meeting new people, and I think that’s the key to Warcraft…meeting up with people to quest with. Must be more social.

Got to go…

2 thoughts on “I don’t know who ordered snow…”

  1. Well, they DO call it an MMO-RPG. Multi being the operative word! I do think you’re rapdily overcoming your handicap of not playing any of these games before, and you’re progressing nicely. I like playing with you (oo-er missus), I’ll just have to balance my endgame character with my lowbie one.

    Oh – and we’ll get you your Succubus so you have a girl to play with…

    *cough* fond memories…

    : )

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