I Am A Crisis

I’ve always loved this commercial for the British Red Cross. Eerie, poignant and very unsettling, the soft-spoken hoodie girl and her dog raise the hairs on the back of my neck every time I see the ad.



She would make a wonderful character in a book. There may already be a book or graphic novel with a similar character, but I can’t think of one that I’ve read personally. Can’t you see her as a character in an urban fantasy, walking through the darkness with her huge dog at her side? She isn’t unaware of what she does as she strolls through this backyard or trails a finger over that child’s window, but she was created to be a force in the world and that is what she does. It isn’t personal. She doesn’t harbor any personal ill will, and she loves children and families (never having had one of her own). She just is, and she is what she was created to be: the crisis waiting in the dark, perhaps one day for you.

Someone write this, please, as I’d love to see how you run with it. Considering the problems that I have with my writing, I’ll never do it – I have stories planned enough to last me a lifetime. Go on, make her real and send her out into the dark with her dog.

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