Hunters in WotLK: We Haz teh Fun

All of the beta news coming through regarding WotLK has me so excited about playing Kitsune. Hunters already rock…but gods, we’re going to have fun.

I’m very much looking forward to the new pets. The synergy with my pet has always been very important to me, and my favourite pets have always had personalities and sometimes their own histories. Ennui, my black armored boar from Razorfen Kraul, was always an integral part of who Kit was. Even now, when I exclusively use the white lion for grinding and raiding, Ennui holds pride of place in the stable. But the new pets!!! Oh, my…

I was highly amused by the rhino pet images and video…I mean, honestly, you know they have to nerf the size, it’s just too huge. But what funClick here for images and video from BigRedKitty.

Other pets that I am looking forward to trying out are:

New pets which I probably won’t have a go at even though they are kind of cool, include:

  • Moths, because I hate flappy pets and because a moth DPS pet just seems wrong
  • Silithids, because I really hate bugs
  • Wasps, which are damned cool looking, but unfortunately have that sizzling/buzzing noise that the Firefly pet has – it would be maddening. I lusted after the Firefly pet for ages, and then found that the sound not only annoyed me, it annoyed the rest of the guild. The main time I have pets out is while waiting for raids to start, and too many people comment on the sound. Boo hiss.

And my current lust object, which I will have even though wolves have a high suckage factor in raids, is the Vargul Blighthound. He’s just so lovely and eerie and evil looking. He will be mine, oh yes…he will be mine.

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