Hump Day

It’s a gorgeous day today, sunny, with that bite of frost in the air that warns you to enjoy autumn, because winter is hard on its heels. The leaves have turned, and are tumbling fire-coloured down the sidewalk. Market day today, and all of the old dears were out en masse, buttoned into their good coats, holding onto each other as they navigate the cobblestones.

Not busy at all today, which makes a BIG change in comparison with the rest of the week. I worked on some video of the employer meeting (I had to get up and talk – I was PETRIFIED!!!) but not much else.

I couldn’t sleep last night…sat up and read for hours, took a sleeping aid at 3:00 and drank two glasses of wine, which was not a good idea – I was comatose at 6:00 when the alarm went off. I remember going back to bed, chilled, wrapping my arms around Phil and crying…very tired, very depressed. I think I might be coming down with something; glands under my jawbone are swollen, and I have a split, infected lip. I just feel sick. Sick…and tired, as Bill Cosby’s mother used to say. ;)

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