Hump Day

Aaagh, a full week…I’ve been getting used to taking Thursday and Friday off. I’ll have to look for a job where I can do that on a regular basis. :)

Still trying to get the US site to a go-live date, hopefully this week but probably early next week. Evidently my boss had a monumentally spectacular shit fit last Friday, which I missed. As a result, we have two high-level tech guys from the e-commerce solution company here this week to try to address why their product is so pathetic and unusable.

Phil and I have been talking about getting healthier. We both lack energy, we both spend too much time in front of computers, we both want to look and feel better. I’ll probably write about it so I can track how I’m doing, but I’ll put it under a “boring crap” filter.

There was a movie on last night that had an intriguing write-up, but I think Phil forgot to tape it. It was evidently a sensitive story of a girl exploring her sexual fantasies…which involved necrophilia. Seriously. She worked in a morgue and molested corpses. Stiffies on stiffs, as it were. The writeup in the Radio Times was very funny, making it sound very sensitive and chick-flickish. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?

7 thoughts on “Hump Day”

  1. Ewwww… *heebie jeebies*

    I’m just buying a copy of ‘You are what you eat’ which I’ll send you once I’ve read :) Might help with your getting healthier kick. You guys on daily mult-vitamins? That’s the first baby step! :)

  2. wandringsoul


    Multi-vitamins…what is it with Americans and vitamins? Sorry – but I find it such a cultural thing. It’s clinically proven that multi-vitamins are only of some potential benefit to children and pregnant mothers…

    A half-decent diet will give you the vitamins you need…and as cook everything we eat I’d consider it to be a half-decent diet! *grin*

  3. Despite what he says below, yes we are on multi-vitamins, although I have to twist an arm behind his back and hold his nose in order for him to take his. Also pro-biotic drinks.

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