How To Lose Customers and Influence People to Not Play Your Game

I was very excited to get my Open Beta key in the mail. It gave a different link for downloading the client for EU accounts, Fileplay rather than the downloader from the main site. The downloader after multiple tries seems stuck at 99% and won’t install due to corrupted files, so I decided to try to re-download via Fileplay. The client is broken up into multiple files, so last night I tried to download a couple of them which crawled along at a snail’s pace. I left the client downloading, and this morning found that two of the downloads had failed. The files are evidently being hit with heavy traffic, or are not working this morning, because you can no longer click on them to download. Neither can you actually log into the official Warhammer site to register your code, as the authentication service isn’t working.

What the hell, Mythic? No official forums linked from your main site, little customer support, nothing works, download and registration is impossible. This does not bode well for the game.

And I really, really wanted to like you. I was excited about this game. And now I feel as though there is a big “Fuck Off” sign posted at the gate. At least run some official forums, so we can try to help each other (as happens in WoW).  Games which have no interest in assisting their player base are rarely good games.

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