hot damn!!!

This is from Moby’s blog. I like him so much; he’s the most unpretentious rock star imaginable, talking about playing Scrabble and being nerdy and vegan food. And when he speaks his mind, boy does he speak his mind. lol…

ha ha ha.

the radical right in america are criticizing ‘’ for accepting money from canadians. (by the way, thanks canadians for giving money to progressive political organizations).

well, i don’t know, but i personally would be a lot more comfortable accepting money from canadians than accepting money from the saudi government as bush and his cabinet have done.

but maybe that’s just me, and maybe it’s just my opinion that the rabid, regressive, lying, right-wing republicans should shut their lying little mouths. well, the only good thing about the regressive right-wing in america is that at least when they lie (which is 98% of the time) they’re kind of entertaining (like pinocchio).


p.s-the new political divide in the u.s comes down to this, we are progressive, and those anachronistic old liars on the right are regressive. progressive and regressive. works like a charm.

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