Horse Breeding Blues (Pinks, Greens), Part II

Quick recap of my horse breeding success in Black Desert…or decided lack thereof. My hands are still preventing me from doing any gaming despite the splints and pills, so I’m auto-levelling horses as I work on covers.

Tah-dum, tah-dum, tah-dum.

After getting my super-fugly red-white-blue horse and the Greenbean, I acquired an even fuglier one with a short tail in bright blue. My latest results, and my highest-level horses to date given my almost total lack of mares, are a pink-and-purple Clydesdale type thing and an even uglier yellow and orange streaked one. Yaay.

I used to think that RNG in games meant that sometimes you got lucky, sometimes you didn’t, luck of the draw. I now understand that it actually means that some other bastard gets lucky while there are players out there who are designated soakers of bad luck. The short stick brigade. I hate RNG with the power of a thousand suns.

I’m going to start my Fugly Horse Ranch (“Ugliest Horses on the Planet! See ‘Em to Believe ‘Em!) and hope that perverse fate decides to go the other way for once. Hey, it’s all I have left. :D


Black Desert Horse Colors

2 thoughts on “Horse Breeding Blues (Pinks, Greens), Part II”

  1. Those are awesome horse-rainbow-demon-things you have there! I had no idea you could actually breed the horses in non horse colours!

    I think yours are by far the most interesting horses ive seen in BDO

    hope your hands improve soon mate


  2. Thanks, Scott! :) As for the horses…I just wanted a Friesian-looking black one! /cry Although I will admit that the pink/purple one is growing on me. Rosie might be a keeper.

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