I spent most of the weekend levelling a troll hunter. Mind you, it’s a bit silly to start a new one, since I have a belf hunter that is just under 40. But trolls are teh sexx, and the racials are so good – bow specialisation, beastkilling, berserking.

Foxfyre is awesome, and after several hours this weekend is just under level 14. She’s got a bright orange mohawk, and an orange Springpaw Stalker as a pet. I was quite miffed that I couldn’t name him Pennywise, but I wasn’t allowed, so I had to settle for Cheshire.

Will I get her to 70 (80) and switch to hordeside?  Possibly. Probably not. But we’ll see.  She may just be one of my alt love affairs, when I fall in love with a character and then later get bored. I’m a fickle beast, really.  :)

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