Horde Guild

My baby rogue joined a Horde guild tonight, the feeder (under 50s) guild for a low-level raiding guild (ZG and AQ20). Everyone seems ok so far.

Otherwise? Absolutely shattered from work. I know that I’m posting here because I was sick of keeping a personal journal when I felt so stressed and negative, but it’s hard to get away from. I came home tonight and my head felt as though it was a nest of snakes. Imagine a knot of snakes, intertwining and knotting, all writhing around and not making any sense…that is what my thoughts are like. I sat in the bathroom and cried for ages.

Imagine, in the space of a few months, creating Myspace. Now add a school connection, a communication platform between teens, parents, and schools, and a VLE. Add in an incentive programme that uses a full ecommerce site. Add in gaming. And have a nervous breakdown. That is what I’ve been going through.

I feel as though I’m not going to survive it…

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