Hometown Boy

This is totally non-gaming-related, feel free to turn away now. I just had to post about someone from my adopted home town: Lee Pearson, who has won his 10th paralympic gold medal. Lee has always been one of my personal heroes, as I think he’s the perfect example of success against adversity. There are no excuses for not succeeding…the only limits are those in your heart and your mind.

Lee suffers from arthrogryposis multiplex congenita, which causes muscle tissue to grow as scar tissue. Instead of letting this prevent him from living a full life, Lee has gone on to not only excel in Paralympic dressage, but has also won national events against able-bodied riders. This is an amazing accomplishment.

Aside from that, he’s self-deprecating, funny, openly gay, and very real. He used to train at the dressage barn where I kept my horse, and I was always struck by hero-worship when I saw him.  :)  People like Lee show us all that there shouldn’t be any limits to what you can do…there are no excuses.

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