Home is Where the Books Are

This is my computer room, which also houses about half of my books. The house is three-story, and the top floor (which would have been childrens’ rooms) have:

  • One room his computer room, one room mine. My half has all of the books, his has the sofabed which doubles as a guestroom.
  • A squashy, comfortable reading chair, which has become much more squashy after Dylan, the 30lb cat, decided to sleep on the back cushion giving it a permanent dip.
  • Cleo is in the photo – she has to supervise everything.
  • Wonderful halfsize Victorian iron fireplaces, along with the original fittings for the gas lamps.
  • Game figurines, as well as my Where the Wild Things Are figurines
  • Some of my fencing and horse show plaques and ribbons, plus my fencing glove and club patch

What you can’t see:

  • Creepy Little Apple doll
  • My less-creepy dog skull that sits on my desk
  • The “No Whining Place” street sign from my daughter’s room when she was small
  • The poster of Johnny Depp from Pirates which I <3.


6 thoughts on “Home is Where the Books Are”

  1. I hope you won’t take this as an insult, but based on book selection and general composition, it looks exactly like my room and my friend’s rooms 10-15 years ago when we were in high school or college:-)

    You have my youth and I demand it back!

    PS. Of course your pc is cooler now, we havent had big flat screens.
    PPS. Of course minus fancy Victorian fireplace.

  2. I want this room. No, really. That looks like my ideal library room! Perhaps a few more shelves, but yup. Computer desk, load of books, comfy chair, and kitty. Perfect!

  3. Thanks, it’s my favourite place. :) Which is a good thing, because between gaming and all the artwork and stuff I do on the PC, I spend most of my home time here.

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