Holiday Laziness

Well, I have been doing some work on all the planned projects. But mostly I’ve been:

  • Reading
  • Eating holiday food
  • Drinking
  • Reading more
  • Levelling my paladin
  • Playing Allods Online – closed beta at last!

Edit: Yaay, I can finally add screenshots. BT is quite arbitrary on when they’ll allow connections to things like WordPress. It would be so nice if there was another reliable ISP that we could get in our area. Anyway…I finally finished the grind for the raptor mount! It wasn’t bad, all things considered – I’ve never wanted to try the Wintersaber rep grind on any character (I have a life!), but this one wasn’t bad.

And then there’s Allods Online. Allods is a lot of fun. A bit basic in normal MMO terms, but absolutely lovely for a f2p MMO.

Although the loading screen looks uncomfortably like Evony/Civony (no, I’m NOT going to link to it!).

For anyone who is unreasonably excited about playing the game right now, please note that I have (so far) not encountered any elf-on-elf lesbian sex. But who knows…perhaps there’s a reason for the steamy loading screen, and I just haven’t unlocked that content yet.

Perhaps I just have a dirty mind. If so, I blame teh Internets.

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