Holiday at Home

I’ve been enjoying a week of holiday. We didn’t actually go anywhere, mind you – finances wouldn’t allow it this year. But I’ve greatly enjoyed lazing in a squashy reading chair reading a mile-high stack of books, playing some games, and even revamping my portfolio site. It’s been ages and ages since I had any time to call my own.

The Type-A control freak in me means that I check work mail several times a day, of course – until people piss me off enough that I have to refuse to do it again that day. :)

I’ve been jealously watching P playing Fable III – I may have to buy my own copy, as he doesn’t seem ready to release his any time soon. It’s stunning, and looks like a lot of fun.

Otherwise, I’ve been re-discovering how much fun Warhammer is at lower level, when you have a lot of people to play with. Such a shame about that game…because when it’s good, it is very good.

Oops…Cataclysm pre-events happening as we speak. Must go check it out!

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