Singing horses!

Kip was a bit unlevel last night when I got on him, so got off, and failing to find anything, put him up for the night, hoping for the best. This morning he was very lame, with a vey hot, ouchy foot that was obviously abcessed. The vet came out (why does this always have to happen on a Sunday, for gods sakes, on a double call-out fee?) and opened it up. We’re now soaking, hot-poulticing and wrapping it. *sigh*

Phil and I are both off for a week, which I am extremely happy about. Friday wasn’t fun, as I had lost a very hard-fought battle over a SEO company that they want to hire. I think companies can go overboard on optimising for search and forget about the experience the user will have when they actually do hit the site. I think that specially-optimised gateway pages are bad practice, which is one of the things that this company wants to do for us. My point was that if the dynamic pages within the actual site can’t be optimised properly, then that indicates a failing that we need to address. The answer is not static pages specially constructed for Google, that force someone to go from them into the actual site. The guy at work who is now handling our paid inclusion and other SEM is really pushing for this, because that will hopefully make his CTR look great. I don’t blame him for trying – he doesn’t really care what happens on the actual site. So I spent two hours in a meeting politely arguing with this high-pressure sales consultant from this company, and afterwards he went in and badgered my boss for awhile, who agreed to letting them have a trial contract. If you didn’t hire me for my experience and knowledge, then why the fuck am I here? I was so angry when I got off work that I just left. To hell with it.

Since I won’t be able to ride very much during this week off, unfortunately, I suppose I’ll have lots of extra time to update the CV and portfolio site. :(

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  1. “If you didn’t hire me for my experience and knowledge, then why the fuck am I here?”

    BTDTGTTS and quit jobs because of it …


  2. Thanks for the hugs…bad jobs are rather like bad relationships, one tends to hang on too long in hopes that things will change. I’m going to be in a position to start seriously looking after the holidays.

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