I didn’t play Rift, or anything else last night. Last night I drank a lot of vodka, ate junk food, and cried. We watched Poltergeist on TV. Sometimes you just have to cocoon.

I keep hoping that things are going to get better – this recession can’t last forever, right? And yet, petrol keeps going up, food gets more expensive, and there seem to be no jobs at all. I can’t see a way to get out of the financial hole that we’re in.

This is part of the reason I game so much (and why I’ve always been such a heavy reader as well). I want to be elsewhere, and be someone else – I want the fantasy. I want to be able to actually make a difference, rather than pushing papers, analysing data, and creating web businesses for someone else’s big dreams. Nothing is clean, nothing is amazing, nothing is black and white.

“You are our very own hero! Can you take your big sword and go kill ten of these bad guys who are destroying our crops and waggling their beetling brows at our women? We will reward you with a green item of moderate value and a small amount of silver.”

Give me some black and white. Give me an epic quest. Give me fantasy.

5 thoughts on “Heroes”

  1. Poltergeist is so perfect for evenings like that. There is so many great little things in this movie.

    Btw. I hate you for playing Rift, traitor!:-) Just kidding, have fun! I decided I won’t dip into another MMO. Once I am done with WoW, I am done.

    And escaping into fantasy worlds fixes all your problems. At least always fixed mine.

  2. When’s the last time you did something really risky?

    Sometimes when you’re one strike from losing the game, the only thing left to do is swing for the fences. (I’d use the UK equivalent, but I am not familiar with cricket)

    What’s something you really want to try that you’ve held back on because it wasn’t safe or responsible? Try to sell a graphic novel, or start your webcomic, or dig up that trunk story you never sent out. Something. Everyone has one of those hiding in them.

    I’m a gamer, too. I know the easy rush of video games is awesome. But it leaves nothing behind. It is, ultimately, empty. And no matter how awesome the game is, that eventually always caught up to me and left me feeling discontent.

    And I for one would love to see some new art. :)

    Hope things get better soon.

  3. I know, Ty…I still have several projects sitting there, getting thinner and thinner everyday. This horrible work situation is depressing me so badly, though. On one level I know that’s an excuse, but on bad days all I can think about is just ending it. Nothingness would be preferable to this.

    But then on good days, I believe in myself and what I can do, and I get excited about possibilities again. :)

    I have a massive writing/art project that I’m going to do if I can ever switch jobs. I can do it in free time, it just has to be free time when I’m not self-medicating the stress away.

  4. And TFM? You really need to play Rift. I feel like the local pusher…but you do need to play. Stare at the pendulum, and clear your mind…listen to the sound of my voice…you must play Rift…you must play Rift…


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