Here’s a Spoon

This is such a strange, frustrating place to work. The big redesign project here (totally redesigning the site as a dynamic, database-driven site with personalisation for the benefit of students, and an idiot-proof content editor for staff) is something that Nathan, Robin and I are doing purely for the challenge of doing it. That kind of work is not reflected in either our job descriptions or our pay. It is something that we are doing because we can, and because it would benefit the college so hugely. And yes, it will look VERY good on a CV.

And we’re having to fight management the whole way. I got an email from a staff member regarding the redesign project as being low priority: “Blah, blah… student numbers must go up…. blah, blah…you’re not here to waste your time on redesigning the intranet…waste of time… [hand gesture to the floor] I see it as down here…” etc. *sigh*

If I still cared about this place, I would be so disheartened. I care about good friends here. I care about the students. I care about learning new skills. Do I care about helping to create something that management can denigrate, then take credit for? No.

Why are people so shortsighted and stupid? I just don’t understand. Perhaps it comes from being used to the environment at MF: performance-driven, striving to be the best. Here, in a place that is judged neither on profit nor on success, what is the incentive to excel?

Only feelings of personal accountability and responsibility. Some have it (us), and some don’t (them). I am MUCH happier being an “us” than a “them.”

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