Here vs. There

We had a theraputic night (as we’d both had hard days) and treated ourselves to fast food and Blockbuster. Very American evening. *snicker*

Blockbuster back home has a good selection of new releases and popular older movies, but they’re very touchy about carrying anything with overtly sexual content.

Blockbuster here has almost the entire Misty Mundae collection: Muffy the Vampire Slayer, K-Sex, Play-Mate of the Apes, AN EROTIC VAMPIRE IN PARIS, MISTY MUNDAE MUMMY RAIDER and LORD OF THE G-STRINGS: Femaleship of the Rings. To come, I assume, is BOOBIE-DOO, SPIDERBABE, A BEAUTIFUL BEHIND, AN EROTIC WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and WIB (Women in Black). Forgive the caps, I was copying off their site.

We rented a horror film called My Little Eye (interesting premise, decent acting, crap script) and Erotic Tomb Raider. Hey, we had to, just for the title! Although we did almost rent Erotic Witch Project (there’s also a 2 and 3!!!).

KFC was much the same, except that they were pushing chips (french fries for all of you back home), with nary a biscuit to be seen. Biscuits here are cookies, of course, but still there were no bread products. They don’t have American-style biscuits here. No Bisquick. No pancakes, except for on Shrove Tuesday, and those are really crepes. Strange.

Muffy the Vampire Slayer…that cheered me up all night.

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