here is my home

As long as I’ve played Warcraft, I’ve actually never been bored with the game, or burned out. Oh, sure, I’ve been totally burned out on aspects of it, such as raiding, but I’ve never lost a love for the game. I’ll drop it for a bit to explore new games, new lands, but Warcraft is the one game that I always come home to. Yes, it’s a fairly simple game. It’s not fast-twitch, it doesn’t require you to be a hardcore pvp’er, it doesn’t require you to be especially intelligent (I suppose I’m thinking of EVE’s technical depth here)…but it doesn’t matter. It feels like home.

I’ve been levelling my Belf pally, and she’s almost 76 now. I’m taking my time and just enjoying the game on this one, no agenda, no rush. I’m not even skipping through the awful Zul’Drak on this one, because pallies just luuuuuurve grinding undead.  :) It’s been a nice journey.

Whatever indefinable thing there is that makes a virtual world feel like home, Warcraft has it. For me, anyway.

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