Herding Cats

Herding CatsNot a very productive weekend in our new guild, unfortunately.  Most of the time was spent hoping that we could organise guild runs, without much noticeable success.  Sunday was the scheduled weekend guild run, and upon the appointed time some people were ready and waiting, some people were pugging, some people weren’t even online, and our GM (presently our only priest) was helping our old guild with a run.  It was like herding cats.

Excuse me?  They treated everyone who didn’t level to 70 within the first week like jerks, remember?  That’s why we left?  And we can’t do a guild run because you’re filling in for them?  Wtf?

If we’re going to do this, and not split off to other guilds, we have to start taking this seriously.  We all come from serious raiding backgrounds, and most of us play because we like that structure, we like working together to meet new challenges in a structured environment.  If I didn’t, I’d be roleplaying alts or pugging it…I would prefer to do it with my guild.  But hard content isn’t possible without a plan, without teamwork, without everyone being responsible.  It just isn’t possible.

I’m hoping things are going to get better.  I’m hoping that we can get a lot more serious.  I want it so bad that, after trying to do Karazhan as a PUG and losing people left and right, three of us had our own little server first: a three-man Karazhan run.  It didn’t last long, of course – but at least I saw the inside of the damn place!  lol…

It was a glorious three seconds.

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