Hello, My Name is Ravven, and I am an Addict

The project that I’m working on has been a nightmare: so many problems, so many delays, and we’re facing being late with launch. Not only late, but VERY late.

I read an article that quoted someone who said that, during the nightmare of their first year of teaching, Warcraft saved them. It was their escape when everything was unbearable. I wish I could find the article that referenced that, because it really resonated with me.

But then again, to be honest perhaps I’m just finding excuses for a major WoW addiction. :) As something else that I read, though, pointed out: the average person watches 28 hours of TV per week. That amount of time investment is considered to be reasonable by a majority of people. In that context, I don’t have an addiction at all, I have merely replaced TV with Warcraft.

Yeah, I know – just another saddo addict making excuses.

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