Heat Wave

Thanks to everyone who came over Friday night – I am glad that the food was ok (or that you guys are all great liars!) and that you all came over. I had a wonderful time.

Pics here, thanks to Yodi.

Thank you also for being so kind as to NOT blog about me having so much to drink that I thought it would be a good idea to walk along the top of the wall and subsequently fall off. lol…

Sunday we went to check out a local riding establishment, and I think I will begin taking lessons there, to tide me over until I can get a decent-paying job and get another horse. I miss it too much.

It’s already hot this morning; this week is supposed to be terribly, terribly warm. I worry so about the ferrets when it’s very hot – they don’t deal with heat well. I’ll be running home at lunch to bathe them, I think.

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