Heart-Stopping Moment of the Night

I turned Lizzie out into the outdoor arena, and went to clean and feed. Upon peeking around a corner of the yard to make sure that she was ok, I see a woman holding a small baby up for her to sniff and nuzzle.

I ran over to them, and (panting) asked her to move back because Lizzie “doesn’t like people very much and has been known to bite.” Jesus.

As I was running I could just imagine Lizzie throwing her head back and screaming “GET IN MAH BELLEH!!!” and then biting off a good chunk of baby-back ribs.

Some people, I swear…

4 thoughts on “Heart-Stopping Moment of the Night”

  1. catwithclaws

    *grabs heart*


    I swear, people like that …. *shakes head*
    we get a LOT of visitors at the barn, being on campus as well as on the edge of a very popular park like area. However, most people ASK and we let them know the horses are friendly but avoid any if they put their ears back :P

  2. Christ! Stupid people.

    Although, the ‘get in mah belleh’ made me giggle loads. I can just imagine her rolling her eyes back wildly and snapping a little plump baby limb off to munch.

  3. Some people have no common sense. If I had a young child who wanted to meet a horse I’d ask first.

  4. It’s rather like holding your child over a fence in the zoo…maybe the lions or alligators or whatever won’t jump up and bite him, but maybe they WILL. She’s not exactly My Little Pony material.

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