Heal Me

I was a lazy bint last night. I had a lot of plans for all the work that I was going to do once I got home. I was going to be productive, I was going to get a lot accomplished on some of the new projects that I’ve been planning.

Instead, I drank a lot of wine and played Warhammer.

I’m learning to heal, and I’d found that it was damned impossible without some type of addon since I couldn’t reliably get the default Warhammer UI to show health bars on everyone in the group, and fade the ones out of range. Clicking on people to heal them is useless, as you’re always too late, or you overheal people who don’t need it.

So I downloaded an addon called Squared, which I assume is much like Grid. And yes, healing like that (although much more efficient) is very much like playing whack-a-mole. I need to group with someone in a non-pvp setting so that I can try to configure it so that half my screen isn’t taken up by giant coloured boxes – it makes it tough on my personal survivability when I can’t see what was going on around me.

But you know what?  It was fun. I’ve only played ranged dps classes (hunter and warlock being the main classes I raided with in Warcraft) and I’ve never tanked or healed. It was a lot more fun when people watched out for me and kept me from getting pounded on while I was trying to heal.

Run up the path, making sure to stay behind all the musclebound types, and park my small green ass in the bushes or behind a rock. Watch the green bars go up and down and try to keep most of them “up”. Try not to yell “AAIIIIEEEEE!” too loud when I get discovered, because it makes the neighbours nervous. Rinse and repeat.

It’s a lot more fun than it sounds.  :)  Although the main thing I remember from last night (aside from green squares) is lions coming at me. Is that the first thing a White Lion does?  1. Find the healer. 2. Have pet attack healer. 3. Attack as normal.

Tonight I’ll get a lot of work done, I swear…

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